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The subscriber creates a trust relationship with HARICA by installing the HARICA Root Certificate in the preffered internet browser software.

Benefits of conducting the above action include secure connections to secure network servers and secure e-mail communications. Also subscribers become members of the HARICA network/web of trust.

Subscribers who choose to trust and use HARICA Root Certificate unequivocally accept the Terms of Use stated in document Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use and our Certification Procedures Certificate Practices in general.

Certificate Installation

In order to install HARICA Root certificate in your internet browser, please press on the link on your right marked Installation and follow the instructions.

In case the automatic installation in the link below is not functioning properly, please install the certificate in this link, according to the instructions provided by your internet browser.

HARICA in Root CA programs of Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple

The Hellenic Academic & Research Institutions Certification Authority (HARICA) Root CA is a member of Mozilla Root CA program from 2012, Microsoft Root CA program from June 2013 and Apple Root CA program from September 2013. Thus, HARICA is pre-installed in Mozilla Firefox browser, latest editions of Operating Systems by Microsoft (Windows) and Apple (iOS, OS X), and Linux Operating Systems and software that use Network Security Services (NSS) 3.13.2 or latest.
You can read more for each program in the following links: